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J2126 Weekly Business Talk - Stufe B2

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Beginn Mo., 10.09.2018, 19:00 - 20:30 Uhr
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Dauer 13 Termine
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Unterrichtsstunden 26
Teilnehmerzahl 6 bis 10
Kursleitung Christiane Büchner

You are interested in economic topics? Welcome to our course on business talk! We will focus on recent events in international business and politics on economic issues and will discuss newspaper articles and other texts dealing with these topics. In addition, you will learn more about intercultural communication, i. e. how to behave during a business dinner in the U.K., how to participate in business negotiations in the States, how to conduct a successful job interview, or how to start communication in international business contexts with witty small talk. We will be watching film sequences and you will experience these situations in
roleplays. Last but not least: What you’ve always wanted to know about ... You have the chance to bring up issues of your own and enrich our business talk.

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